If you can’t find a job that pays, think about volunteering somewhere and lending a helping hand where it is needed. It is no secret that many 15 year olds this summer will NOT be able to find paying jobs because most employers won’t hire anyone under 16. So that leaves 14 and 15 year olds with no where to go to make money.

You might have heard that the economy is not doing well and that translates to fewer jobs for all ages. But whether you try to find work this year or next year, chances are that the economy won’t be doing well and it will be super hard to find someone to hire you. What you need is some experience that will help you get hired ahead of all your classmates.

Volunteering at homeless shelters, animal shelters, churches, senior retirement homes, or anywhere else that will let you help out is something that you can do now that will pay off later. It will pay off because it shows all employers that you are willing to work and are not lazy. It shows them that you are a concerned citizen and a good person. Most of all, it shows them that you are the one they should hire when compared to all the other teenagers that have no work history and just sat at home playing video games all summer.

Possible Places To Volunteer:

1) Humane Society
2) Habitat For Humanity
3) Churches
4) Food banks
5) Senior centers
6) Red Cross
7) Libraries
8- Hospitals
9) Salvation Army
10) Political campaigns
11) Non profit organizations

Many cities have volunteer centers that might be able to help you find the perfect “job” for you. They have access to lots of different opportunities and will be able to cut down your search time. Alternatively, you might go online to http://www.volunteermatch.org/ for more ideas.

Remember, summer jobs for 15 year olds are never easy to find, mostly because few companies hire kids that young. If you can’t find anything, you need to do something that will give you a better chance when you turn 16 and that is some experience volunteering. Hiring managers love teenagers that are willing to work hard and have a record showing just that!