15 year olds need job ideas and ways to make money as it is pretty hard for them to get a “real” job right now. The economy is still doing very poorly and most businesses only hire kids that are 16 and older anyway. So, where does that leave 15 year olds?

Take Care Of Your Neighbor’s Pets

One of the best things teenagers can do right now is start their own pet sitting and pet walking business. We all know that babysitting is a popular way to make money but it can be done for dogs and cats around your neighborhood as well.

If you live in an area that has lots of homes, chances are there are lots of families with dogs and cats. When they want to go on vacation, they either have to find someone to take care of their dog or take it to a kennel. Many people would much rather keep their pets at home if they can and would be very willing to pay a responsible teen to make sure the animal is fed and walked.

You Can Do This All Year

The good part about this gig is that it can be done year round as people go on vacation and leave town throughout the year and need their pets taken care of during those times. There might be more demand for it during the summer months but the more families you get to know, the more they will call you year round when they need your help. You can do this after school or whenever you have the time as long as you are able to do a good job feeding, walking, and playing with the animals you are taking care of.

How Do You Get Business?

Any teenager who likes animals can do this if they can find clients and the more friendly you are and the more people you get to know, the more business you will likely get. To find families who might use your pet sitting service, you can start out by periodically walking around your neighborhood. Remember, you need people who live near you so don’t go too far away. Talk to everyone walking their dog and tell them that you are available to help them out. Be friendly, pet their dogs, and make friends with them. Act as honest and responsible as possible because you want these people to call you back later and use you.

Having your own business cards to hand to them works very well so they can get in touch with you later on. You can get 500 Premium Business Cards for $3.99! through that link (you will have to get your parents to order them for you) and make sure you put all the important information on that card. Things like your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of what you can do to help them with their pets will do fine in most cases.

Many communities also have big mail boxes that hold many boxes in one. Make some nice fliers that describe your service and tape them to these boxes for added exposure. If you can find houses that have boxes that are not locked, you can put a flier in each box. Remember, make your fliers as professional as you can because you want people to be interested in calling you which they won’t be if you put up something that is poorly done.

What Should You Charge?

A good way to figure out how much to charge would be to go online and find out how much it would cost people to put their pets in a kennel. You want to then charge LESS than that so that the highest number of people will be interested in using you. People may have all sorts of requests including feeding, walking, playing with, and just looking in on their pets while they are away so you could have different rates for different services as well.

You might have to play around with a dollar rate for a while before you settle on something firm as you get feedback from people on how much they would be willing to pay. You could charge by the hour or by the day or some combination of the two. It doesn’t matter as long as your clients are happy, you are making money, and you are able to do get the job done.

The bottom line is that jobs for 15 year olds are mostly impossible to find right now and starting your own pet care business is something any responsible teenager can do. . If you do well on your first couple of jobs, the families may recommend you to their friends and you may start to get calls from other families. It can work out quite well and turn into a small business for you where you both have fun and make money!