One of the problems of searching for jobs for fifteen year olds is that many employers require you to be 16 year or older. When you are 15, you are so close but sometimes so far from qualifying for that job you want and it doesn’t seem fair. There are also hourly restrictions on you during the school year ( hours are limited to 3 hours a day and 18 hours a week) which is one of the reasons why some employers only hire kids sixteen and older.

So, what does a fifteen year old do who wants to start making extra money to help the family or for personal things like dating, nice clothes, or video games? The one option that is always available is to start some sort of small business for yourself. Listed below are some of the top good job ideas for 15 year olds of things they can do on their own to start making money:

An online business

This is the #1 idea with the most potential. If you are fifteen, that means you probably can’t remember a time where there wasn’t computers and the Internet. You have grown up using computers and you might be very good with them. There are many ways to make money online and this is something you can do from your home with little to no start up costs.

You might have taken classes showing you how to create web pages, set up blogs, and any number of other things online. Making money on the Internet is only limited by your imagination and you have probably read stories of kids starting up some business online and becoming very successful.

As an example, you might read this blog about lead generation and online surveys for money that will explain to you how to get leads (and money for those leads) for a site called CashCrate. It is all done by setting up blogs (which are free) and learning how to get visitors to those blogs and having them sign up under your referral link. This is just one of the many ways you can learn how to make money online and if you are an inventive teen, you can probably think of many other ways.

A computer tutor or website development service

Along the same lines as the online business, you can make money by teaching others how to use a computer and even creating web sites for them. Adults are notorious for needing computer help ranging  from setting things up to learning how to use their personal computers. Many adults who don’t use computers at their job want to learn how to do things online and need all kinds of help that you might be able to provide.

Setting up and designing blogs and websites for this type of person is a service you might be able to make good money at and you can even get clients from around the world if you know how. You might start out at some computer forums and get ideas that way of what types of needs are out there.

A pet walking and pet sitting service

This is something that any 15 year old can do and you might be suprised at the demand. People go on vacation all the time and need their pets taken care of and walked. You might be able to save them money from sending their pets to a kennel by providing this type of service. Additionally, you don’t need people to go on vacation to make money as you can offer to walk their pets everyday for a small fee. Adults are busy with work and kids which means they don’t have enough time to devote to walking their dogs. This is where you come in and this type of service can be both fun and successful.  

A school tutoring service

If you are good at math, science, or some other school subject, you can try to find other students that need help. By tutoring other students you will not only make money but you will also get the satisfaction of helping others. This is something the “smart” kids have been doing for generations and you can make money doing it too.

A yard maintenance service

Kids have been making money forever by doing such things as weeding, mowing lawns, watering, raking leaves, and shoveling snow. Scout out all your neighbors and find out if they have any yard chores they would be willing to pay you to do. Once you show then that you do a good job, they will be willing to hire you on an on-going basis.

A painting service

This is a something that is best for the summer but it can be done year round too if you are good at it. Painting and outside home maintenance is an area that any “do it yourselfer” teen can make money at if they can find the clients. If you know how to paint, fix things, and do other maintenance type work, you can go out looking for people who need this sort of thing done. Once you establish yourself as a hard worker who does a good job, it will be easier to get your neighbors to hire you as word of mouth will help you get jobs. 

A babysitting service

Responsible teens have always made money babysitting and the better and more likeable you are, the more the word will spread making it easier it is to get work. This is one of the best jobs for fifteen year olds.

A cleaning service

People need maids and often hire professional ones to clean their houses. If cleaning is something you don’t mind doing, you might be able to get work around your neighborhood bycharging less than the professional services do. As with all jobs like this, you will need to be reliable, show up on time, and do a very good job. You will be competing with services that do this for a living but if you show that you can do the same job as they do for less money, it will be easy for you to get and keep clients.

A cooking / catering service

If you enjoy cooking and baking, you might be able to start a service where you prepare home cooked meals or some other variation of this. Many families now have both the mother and father out of the house all day working at a full time job. This leaves very little time for them to cook and eat good nutritious food which is a service you can provide.


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